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Prom Shopping (Number 1)

Posted by Chris Andrews on

Well our children are now settled into the last year of secondary school. It all about exams and what or where do we go next, and of course its all about that all important "Prom".

Children's thoughts 

1. What do I wear? 

2. What are my friends wearing?

3. What colours do we wear? do we match? do we not?

4. Do I just go with my friends? or do I need a date?

5. How do we get there? how do we get back?

6. Shoes? Hair? Nails? makeup? Spray tan?

Adults Thoughts.

1. How much will this cost me/us? Do I need a bank loan?


Well adults NO you don't need a bank loan but saving for it is always a good way.It can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to go. Setting a budget is always a good start.

You may think that getting the dress early is a good start but believe me it can be the worse thing to do. Remember how many times they change their mind as to what they want for Christmas or what clothes they like or don`t like.

Well this is the same 7-8 months before the prom is along time to go. Usually March or April time is a good time to start enough time for the shop to order if it is needed and alterations to be done. Or to order on line.